Sunday, June 6, 2010

Set point....

I just finished the 28-day Arise and Shine herbal cleanse and I have to say that this year's cleanse was not nearly as life changing, eye opening, or astounding as last year's. Last year, I lost 10 pounds and kept to the overall eating philosophy; fresh fruits and vegetables, minimal meat and dairy, no bread, and no processed foods for the past year. Yes, I fell back to some occasional bad eating habits but I keep those in moderation.

This year, I lost 2 pounds and tightened up. I drank tons of the vegetable mineral broth for electrolyte replacement and found that the veggie mineral broth is as good as caffeine and I am hooked. I love it and plan to continue to drink 20-40 ounces each day this summer. But the cool thing is I learned that I am at the body weight I am supposed to be.

At six feet tall, 164 pounds is my body's set point. I function well, I feel good and I don't eat a whacky diet. For the most part, I'm disciplined and self controlled but truth be told, I indulge. Unfortunately, due to the stress of the semester, I found myself indulging in carbonated caffeinated sugar drinks too much so I knew that it was time to Arise and Shine after the semester, before my internship, and I did good...

This year, I did 'ok' controlling the sweets temptations because I didn't want sweets but found myself TOTALLY craving protein. I wanted steak, eggs, milk, fish, nuts....anything with protein. Because I'm a firm believer in listening to your body for nutritional needs since I usually find myself craving what I need, I supplemented my weights workout days with Amino Hydrate. I love it and it helps repair muscles.

This craving for protein did not shock me because I kept to my CONSISTENT Turbulence training style resistance workouts THREE days a week throughout the cleanse. I love TT because it builds muscle while burning fat. CB's program is outstanding but I did take it easy on the interval style cardio, even skipping some days entirely but overall, I felt strong and focused throughout the four week process.

I love the Arise and Shine cleanse and strongly recommend it for anyone who has been eating a crappy diet for years, is sick and tired of being sick and tired and has the discipline to give this lifestyle change an honest effort. Give it an honest effort and find your set weight point.