Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fitness mentor list....

Mentors are people who influence the philosophy and action of others. I consider a mentor to be someone who is looked up to for particular behaviors and/or actions. In the past few days, I have have been disappointed by the actions of one of my fitness/business mentors and this caused me to reconsider what defines a mentor and who are the people I look up to.
In reflection, I can list 5 mentors who have shaped my ideals and approach to fitness, both as an athlete, a trainer and a fall prevention exercise expert. Here is my list of people who have shaped my fitness philosophy:
1. Paul Chek
2. Gary Gray
3. Craig Ballantyne
4. Dr. Debra Rose
5. Rex Owens

Gary Gray is an amazing man who I have not met in person but have studied his methodology to squatology! The man is a forerunner on some of the best movement patterns ever. I felt better than I have ever felt after a one-day seminar in San Francisco. As I reviewed the movement patterns, I was amazed at how it worked. I love his arm drives and matrix patterns and use them for me, my training clients and my older adults. Gary is one of the best.
Craig Ballantyne created one of the best workout programs ever; Turbulence Training. I have been following his high intensity, superset resistance approach to fat loss and muscle building for nearly 2 years and feel, and look, better than ever. Craig is a great trainer and brilliant salesman. His YouTube videos had me hooked from the start. He is not only an amazing trainer but also a savvy businessman. This guy knows how to make money. His self discipline and dedication are model behaviors. Besides, his Turbulence Training program rocks!
Dr. Debra Rose is a fall prevention exercise expert who created FallProof which is the best balance and mobility program ever. Her program is university-tested and provides evidence-based results. I am studying to become a Master Instructor in her prestigious program because I am a team player and that is one team I strive to be a part of. I will be writing my thesis to provide another piece of evidence-based proof that her balance and mobility program is THE program for older adults.
Last, but certainly not least, is Rex Owens. Rex is a local trainer in the Sacramento/Granite Bay/Roseville area who never quits learning. Rex was the director at Gold's gym in GB when I was fairly new to the training world. He has always offered excellent advice and provided a model of perserverance and dedication. He is always a friend who I can go to for training advice and he has taught me to go for my dreams.
I want to acknowledge these 5 people for shaping me into who I am today, my beliefs, my morals, my values . There are other influential people like my basketball coach, Mr. Dennis White and NASM's, Rodney Corn, who stand out as some of the best educators I know but my top 5 are people whom I turn to time and time again. I want to thank each one of my mentors for everything.

KellySaysDoThis: Think about who has shaped your fitness philosophy. If you are an athlete, who do you strive to be like? If you are a trainer, who is your "go-to" person for answers? It is important to recognize who you are and how you came to believe what you do...think about it.

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