Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inner drive or inner cruise control???

As a person who lives a fitness lifestyle, I realize there will be ups and downs, highs and lows, and both good and bad days. There are days that I cannot wait to get into the gym and get into my groove and get out. But then there are days like the past two weeks; I contemplate, procrastinate, debate. In other words, I"m thinking too damn much and I need to just do it!
Fortunately, I withstood the pressures and temptations of the holiday season quite well and was actually able to lose 3 pounds during winter break. I was on vacation and when I'm away from home, I find that I can be extremely disciplined because I am not aware of local temptations as I stay focused on my fitness and health. We all know that life can be unpredictable but the one thing that I can (almost always) control is my physical exertion and dietary intake! LOL.
Since returning to California from 17-days in Pennsylvania, I have been consistent with my workouts but it has felt like pulling teeth! Reviewing why, I see that I have not been getting my workout done BEFORE I attend to the other thousand things I need to do each day. For instance, I moved, I got rear-ended, I need major transmission work, the spring semester of graduate school started, and on and on...
For me,the saving grace, my sanity control is my Turbulence Training style workouts and the physical, emotional and mental relief that I feel as a result of the high intensity resistance training or high intensity interval training. I have been consistent to three weights workouts a week and 2-3 sessions of interval style training and it's paying off! Big time.
So why do I procrastinate? Because I"m human and at times, I do not keep my health and wellness the number one priority in my life. What happens then? I"m worthless to those around me!
Kelly Says Do This: Make your health and workouts a number one priority in your life. Make the time to get yours, even if it means getting out of a warm bed at the crack of dawn!