Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best thing I did for myself in 2009....

Last year I did a 28-day cleanse called "Arise and Shine" and other than be consistent to my Turbulence training style workouts, it was the best thing I did for myself in 2009. I have read that it takes three weeks to form a habit and this 28-day cleanse proved that theory right! For four weeks, I ate nothing but organic fruits and vegetables, quinoa, and sprouted almonds. I drank the shakes and took the supplements and that regime showed me that I don't need nearly as much food to exist as I thought.
Unfortunately, we are taught that more is better but that's the power of marketing. In fact, we do not need anything "supersized". We don't need all-you-can-eat-buffets. We don't need processed foods. Heck, we don't need as much food as we eat. Yes, I lost 10 pounds with the cleanse and I have been able to lose another pound or two because I have not returned to my old eating habits.
Yesterday at the doctor, I had to write down what I ate during the past week. I laughed when I realized that I eat (basically) the same stuff, day in/day out. For breakfast, I have fruit. I might add an egg white or some yogurt. NO more cereals that I used to love.
I have salads, with NO DRESSING, for lunch and dinner. I pack my salads with broccolli, spinach, peppers, avacados, tomatoes or whatever else is in season. Or I may just snack on apples, bananas, and almonds. My meals center around vegetables and fruits.
I eat quinoa as my staple and I love to mix in avacado and blueberries or other goodies. I also love butternut squash. I know, it sounds boring with a capital B but I have to say that I do not enjoy heavy sauces, fried foods, or pasta. Keep it simple. It's not so bad because if I crave a steak, I eat steak. If I crave fish, I eat fish. I can eat whatever I want but I choose to eat healthy, 90% of the time.
The other 10%? Is fine in moderation!
Kelly Says Do This: ARISE AND SHINE.

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