Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring update...'s been forever since I blogged about my personal workouts but I've decided to get back into the swing of things now that the semester is almost over.
School has been busy but not nearly as hectic as last semester. However this semester is three times as stressful. Everything is about planning and waiting; planting seeds, networking, developing and formulating future plans of action. I have learned that I am a quantitative person who appreciates numbers as proof, not theory, not subjective feedback so much.
Think about it; when you're on a fitness or diet plan, you want to see the numbers change. You celebrate difference, especially big number differences! We are all quantitative on that respect. Anyhow, my numbers are holding steady; I'm still at 162 pounds, still six feet tall, and below 13% body fat. However the one number that keeps getting bigger is my age; I'm 42 for the rest of 2010.

I have been following the same routines for nearly two years and am quite pleased with the way my body has adapted to the stress of exercise so when I went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine weekend workshop for CEUs, I hesitantly decided it was time to change it up and follow their advice for a period.
Periodization is important for everyone, especially if your body is feeling exhausted or worn out. I enjoyed the core, balance and reactive part of warming up and found the power phase of training extremely painful! I sweat just as much during my stabilization exercises as I do during my high intensity resistance training. However, like most, I found this stabilization training time consuming; it was taking me almost 2 hours to do the NASM warm up prior to my regular workout. Not my style!
So, I found what works for me! I'm back to my Turbulence training style workouts three times a week and do the NASM workout (core, balance and reactive training) on my cardio days (3 times per week). I didn't realize how weak my glutes can be until I did the one-legged bridges and!
Kelly SAys do this: find a program that works for you and stick with it. NO excuses.