Monday, May 3, 2010

First park workout of the season!

May 3, 2010...the weather was perfect, the motivation was there and the timing was perfect for my first park workout of the season! It's in the Mid-80s, slightly breezy, and I had time in my day to hit it.
I rode the bike for a quick warm up to the Sacramento marina then to the store to buy some of my "juice" of those 5-hour energy shots. Today, I drank the whole thing rather than my ususal half. Then I took off to Discovery Park for a park-bench workout....Turbulence training style!

Oh crap, almost forgot; I picked up a 1 liter bottle of water for hydration purposes. Riding my bike and trying to hold the bottle totally challenged my balance skills! It was tough but I did it. I carefully picked the bench for my workout...the perfect amount of sun and shade and proceeded to hit it; Turbulence training style, bodyweight supersets using my body and a dynaband.

Here's what I did on the park bench:
  • Dyna-Squats (15 r/l x3), push-ups on bench (15x3), seated leg tucks (20x3)
  • Bulgarian squats (15 r/l x3), Dyna-row (20+ 15 pulse), Mountain climbers (20 r/l)
  • Dyna-shoulder press (15x3), Plank (45 seconds x3)
  • bicep curl (15x2), Tricep extension w/band (15 r/l x2), dips (12x2)
Oh, and I did it about feeling those ankle and inner foot muscles burning as I did my bulgarians...concentrating on feeling my muscles working. It's all about mind to muscle connection. Love it...
I"m in the 'eccentric killer' phase of my workouts; taking it slow and controlled on the down, PAUSE between 1-4 seconds, tighten the stomach then squeeze the glutes to initiate whatever exercise I'm doing. It really doesn't matter what exercise I'm doing; lower body, upper body, or core, it's all the same: slow controlled down, tighten/squeeze, rise/concentric push. Woo-hoo....first park bench workout of 2010.