Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spring forward, fall back.....

Fall is among us here in Northern California.  Leaves are changing colors, the sun goes down earlier, and it's cold in the morning.   I am a summer bunny so this is a bittersweet time of year for me because I would rather sweat than shiver.  I think the sun is more fun to play in than the snow, and to me, being outside is better than being in

In fact, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a depressive-like syndrome that occurs during the winter months due to lack of sunlight.  A client of mine and I both share this malady, gaining weight in the winter.  Not to justify, but it's instinctual.  Bears hibernate and store fat to keep them warm, right?  
Mark my words, this winter I will not gain weight but instead, I shall lose 5 pounds.  How am I going to do that?  Monitoring my food intake.  I am a protein-type and thrive when I eat more protein than carbs.  I am going to eat 5-6 times a day, minimizing fatty foods and watching my alcohol intake since that's nothing but empty calories (2 weaknesses, ok!).
Mostly, I am going to stay active with my Turbulence Training workouts and High Intensity Interval Training.  For a lady who prefers warm weather and being outside, I do like the consistency of the treadmill and nothing beats throwing around some weights.  
Kelly Says Do This:  Turbulence training workouts with heavy, heavy dumbbells.  3 supersets, minimal rest since I tell clients breathing is over-rated!  Hahahaha.   JUST KIDDING.  Follow a total body workout with 15-20 minutes high intensity intervals.  In and out and done.  And feeling fine.  www.kellysaysdothis.com

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