Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Jesus hill....

Everyone has one, the Sweet Jesus hill. You know what I'm talking about... the HILL OF HILLS! It is without a doubt, the straight up, steepest slope you have ever seen.
The Sweet Jesus hill is the one that makes your lungs bleed. The one that has you gasping for air the second your heart rate takes off at the top. The one that has you moaning, "Sweet Jesus" in between heaves for air at the top. Once you reach the top, your chest swells with pride, it is an accomplishment.
<==== Check out my Hill!
Ok, so I ride my bike 15 minutes to my hill. Without pause, I haul my bike up to the first tree then proceed to run to the top, to a tree about 25 yards past the steep incline, the first on the left.
I ease my way all the way back to where this picture was taken then proceed to repeat the Sweet Jesus sprint 2 more times for a total of 3 runs up this hill.
I feel larger than life now that it's over but I was hot, sweating and gasping for air. My legs felt like loads of concrete as I ran all the way to the tree at the top, 25 yards past the incline. The picture on the lower left is the view from the top. And of course, yours truly, at the top, gasping for air.
And it only took half an hour of my time. My body is blasting calories and I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as a result of my high intensity efforts this afternoon.
Run, walk, run, walk... hit it hard, hit it quick.
Research proves it, fitness professionals practice it, just do it: High intensity interval training to lose weight.
And besides, Kelly Says Do This!

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