Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend bodyweight challenge....

Ok, my mentor Craig Ballantyne posts this 'intermediate' bodyweight weekend challenge for all his loyal followers.  I took one look at it and am already challenged.  I work out tough and I work out hard but he included some of my least favorite exercises, like the inverted row (ugh!),  burpees (ughhhhhh) then diagonal lunges, and my least favorite, push-ups.  Lots of them.
I do push-ups because they work, I don't like them.  I am challenged with the inverted row so I think I'll try this challenge Monday at the gym.  It's raining, I'm making miserable excuses..... this is something I have to psych myself up for.  Big time.  The sheer repetitions look tough.  502 reps?  
Ok, I'm feeling motivated.  I will try this only if I can take a picture.

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