Friday, July 31, 2009

Gold's gym, Natomas workout

I worked at the Gold's Gym in Granite Bay for a little over 2 years. I used to travel to the other Gold's in the area for a change of scenery and for me, always a change in the view. I love eye candy. I love looking at men who have worked diligently and their bodies are living proof of that. There is NOTHING that beats the Gold's Gym in Venice Beach. That is hand-over-fist the best Gold's that I have ever been in. Not only do they have every piece of equipment imaginable but they have the finest looking members I have ever seen. Everyone is either a model, an actor/actress (or wanna be), a bodybuilder, or fitness competitor. These people are gorgeous and the best part: friendly.
So, I had my Venice Beach Gold's hook up last week and I'm back in good 'ol Sacramento. I no longer train at Gold's but at Intel Corporation and privately. Hungry for the good ol' Gold's days, I went to the Gold's in Natomas the other day b/c they have some sweet equipment and I've seen some luscious eye candy there on occasion. Well, to my utter dismay and disappointment, the gym was void of the buff bodies I longed to see. Instead, I had an amazing arm and one leg at a time!

My Gold's Gym (Natomas) workout looked like this:
Cable squat + 1-arm row/1-arm elevated pushup/plank
Split squat on Free-motion/1-arm cable compound row/Mt. climbers
1-arm Iso-Shoulder press/upright row
Alternating DB curl/Dips/Horsestance/bird-dog
Skull crushers/Back extension.
NO plyometrics and no HIIT, I was wiped.

Ok, so that was my workout on Wednesday (Yesterday) and today I did an intense bike ride, Tabata style, followed by 6 sets of 100 steps stair sprints. OH, and I ran the stairs barefoot, as always. Just now, Thursday evening, my chest and triceps are beginning to hurt from the Gold's workout yesterday. My calves will be screaming tomorrow and it's time for my third and final weights workout of the week. What's up with the delayed delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?
I must be getting older. Getting older but looking younger. I love it.

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