Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer routine...

Ok, I've been all over the place this summer with my family reunion, the FallProof practical exam weekend, training clients at Intel, training and working out at Fitness 19, my organic cleanse and of course, moving. I have moved almost every year since I moved to California in 2002. Downsizing from 17 acres to now one bedroom, I've got moving down to a science.
Most recently, I've had to adapt to a new (much smaller) living space and I learned that we don't need half as we think we do, especially food-wise. In this "minimalist" phase of my life, I realize I don't need that much; a roof over my head, a firm mattress, a few outfits, some decent shoes (especially sneakers) and a reliable car. I also need to sweat for an hour each day. I"m not addicted per say but it makes me feel better, look great and sleep like a baby. Single with no kids, I can do what I want, when I want and that's cool with me. I don't freak out if I don't workout but I try to schedule "my time", an exercise component, into each day.
So now that I've moved, my summer schedule looks like this: I throw around weights (or my bodyweight) three (3) times a week. Whether it's a steady pace or Tabata style intervals, I get in three cardiovascular workout also, leaving one day for rest. I have been kicking into high gear on cardio days by either running stairs at Sac State or swimming laps in the pool after my bike ride.
Insane, huh? Not quite, I love it! Lean out in the summer and pack it on in the winter. I hate it but that is usually how it goes. I fight it every year and this year I will successfully maintain my new weight of 162, yes, 10 pounds lighter than the beginning of summer, all natural diet, too!
Today I rode the bike from Sac State to Discovery Park and back then ran the parking structure stairs at Sac State. I did this from noon-2 and felt great. The American River bike trail is awesome and my body loves the high intensity work. I love pushing myself to where I'm gasping for breath at the end of a sprint then feeling my body recover quicker and quicker. This is heaven to me and I'm loving it.
Kelly Says Do This: Kick your cardio up a notch. Get off the machines, get outside and do high intensity intervals. Sprint, rest, repeat. Feel your body burn the butter!

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