Wednesday, August 19, 2009

24 hour fitness and Turbulence training

Ok, I've done the Gold's circuit. I do the Intel private employee gym. I tolerated the Fitness 19 smalltown buzz and now, I've entered into a whole new realm; the 24-hour Fitness craze. I am on a 24-day guest pass at the 24-hour gym located in downtown Sacramento and honestly, it's not that bad!
I love to people watch and there are some people to watch! As a trainer and fitness freak, I totally admire a hard, chisled body and understand the training hours and self-discipline it takes to get there. The Gold's in Venice Beach is the mecca of eye candy but now I don't have to drive to Venice for my sweet fix. I am so happy to say that there are some hot bodies in Sacramento!
As a single adult without any kids, I"ve stepped away from the family gym atmosphere and gone where I should have gone years 24-hour fitness.
Having dropped the final 10 pounds, I look tough for my age. "Shredded" is what my friends are saying and I love it. I've been consistent with my resistance training and getting it good on my high intensity cardio days. People at 24-hour do all types of crazy exercises. Although the machines are basic, they have rollers, BOSUs, steps, stability balls and medicine balls to play with.
Doing my intense supersets, I see other peeps around my age doing some pretty intense stuff, too, and I like it. The other day, a guy commented on how intense I worked out and then said he liked it. People constantly ask me how long I work out?
An hour. "What, that's it?" Yep. An hour... in and out, short and sweat, I mean sweet. I get it and I get it good. I'll talk, I'll laugh, I'll smile but I won't sit there forever. I'm there to workout. No problem, if you want to talk to me some more, then you have to inquire!
Today's Turbulence training-style workout:
Smith front squats/inverted bodyweight pull ups/mt. climbers
1-arm DB row/DB pullover/Bulgarian split squats/reverse bench crunches
1-arm shoulder press/triple drop set lat raise/Jumping jacks
Concentration curls/skull crushers
Back extension/Calves

In/out in an hour. Ok, an hour and a half b/c I was checking out the, um...plunch crowd :)
Kelly Says Do This: Get in and get it done so you get on with your life outside the gym! Hit it hard with short rest intervals. Sweat like you mean it and push yourself. Life is good!


Big Ed said...

Kelly. Glad to see you are enjoying 24 hour Fitness - it is the new craze for sure! Love that you are doing Mountain Climbers... have you used Gliders at all to get that ripped look - they help! Ed from

Justin said...

Interesting post.!! At 24 Hour Fitness I understand the importance of perfect workout in achieving fitness.