Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beat your personal best...

My mentor, Turbulence Training creator, Craig Ballantyne, suggests beating your personal best in each workout.  Whether that be 3 extra reps, 10 extra pounds,  5 more seconds on your work interval, he recommends that you try to push your body that extra effort.  

Well, it is absolutely gorgeous outside here in Folsom, California so chose to take my "Specialized Roubaix" out for a cardio cruise.  I was heading toward Sac State Aquatic Center and there she was:  my Sweet Jesus hill!  And she was calling my name!  Since it is Sunday and I'm in the worship mode, I decided to get off my bike and run the hill.  The last 2 times,  I ran up it 3 times.  Today I didn't feel like walking up it but like I have said before, "Just Do It".
Started slow, paced myself, and ran up that hill 4 times!!!  Yes, I ran all the way to the top and then an extra 25 yards. 4 times!  I mean I was heaving and gasping for breath but Sweet Jesus, I did it!  And I feel unbelievable now. 
 It seems as though I started something.  As I came down the hill with my bike, this guy had put down his bike and was starting up the hill.  He said he was inspired shall we say.  He made his way up the Sweet Jesus hill then his friend showed up.  He threw his bike and mumbled something about his friend and after chatting with me, he decided to scale the hill, too.  
If you want to be in unbelievable shape, do what I do:  Kelly Says Do This!!!

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