Sunday, November 9, 2008

Persistence pays off...

    The key so success, especially when trying to lose weight or sculpt your body is persistence.  For me, it's doing some type of resistance training 3 times a week and some type of cardiovascular training (either intervals, biking, stair climbing, running hills, something to break a sweat) 3 other days of the week.  One day of rest.
That's in a perfect world.  As we all know, this world is far from perfect.  Work piles up, family obligations take over, stress kills!  And yes, even laziness can interfere with the best of intentions. But here's the deal:  make plans and stick to them.  Nike pays master marketers for a reason:  "Just Do It" is golden.  Set a time and do it.  Do it whether you feel like it or not.  By the time you get through the second warm-up set, you're ready. 
I'm in Anaheim for a convention and my Turbulence Training mentor, Craig Ballantyne couldn't have posted his new Hotel workouts at a more appropriate time (thanks, CB).  I was up early, ate a nice breakfast, did the airport/shuttle thing to Anaheim, and settled in after a late lunch.   The last thing I felt like doing was a workout.  
You know me, I love a challenge, so I did my version of his Hotel Bodyweight Workouts in my room.  3 sets of each superset:
 20 prisoner squats/15 feet on bed pushups
 20 bulgarian split squats (each leg)/ 20 mt. climbers (each leg)
 13 burpees/20 bent over rows with dynaband
 12 bicep curls/15 arm firmers (using dynaband)
 15 Horsestance/15/15/15 birddog

Persistence pays off.  I've been doing Turbulence training workouts consistently for one year, I feel good and I have more muscle tone than ever.  Visit Kelly Says Do This and start the best year of your life today.

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