Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Suicide Sprint Wednesday....

     I was a 3-sport jock in both middle and high school.  Field hockey, basketball and lacrosse, each year every year, 7-11 th grade, in big 'ol Unionville High in Unionville, Pennsylvania!  I trained hard, played on District championship teams and had fun.   The thing I remember about each sport was the suicide sprints!
     We all remember them:  Baseline to foul line to baseline.  Sprint to half court then back to baseline.  Kick it in to get to the other foul line.  Then back to baseline.  Finally, the full court sprint and back to baseline!!!  Your lungs are screaming, your legs are burning, but you make it back as you gasp for each living breath!  
     My basketball coach, Dennis White, made us do high numbers, like 10, or even 20 if we had lost or were dragging tail.  For field hockey and lacrosse, it was the 100 yard field distance.  Those were the WORST, especially lacrosse because Krug would make us do like 5.  Ugh.....those were the dayz.
     Well, I finally stumbled onto the apartment tennis courts last night and knew what was going to happen....Suicide Sprint Wednesday!  Thanks to consistent interval training and following the turbulence training routine, I feel I'm in great shape so I wanted to see what suicides felt like at 40 years old compared to sweet 16!
       So Kelly did this:  I trained with a client in the apt universal weight room then we went to the tennis courts for Suicide Sprint Wednesday.  It was awesome, especially running with someone.  We did 3 full court sprints fast and I thought we were done.  Well, Magda goes off and starts the 4th!  
       Beeeeeaaaach!!!!  But being the Capricorn that I am,  I had to go, too!  4 down then we did some Gary Grey dynamic hip flexor stretches in the matrix with arm drive style then off I went!  Got her!  Now she had to do another!  5th and final suicide sprint was on!  Set the bar high for the first day but it only gets better and I will have pictures next time!  
       Give suicides a try, kick it up a notch, have some fun!  For you stuck in the cold, find an inside court and run suicides.  Nice weather?  Hit a football field or tennis court.  High intensity cardio, hit it hard, hit it quick then you're done.  In and out, and you''re blasting belly fat!   Or visit Kelly Says Do This to get started.

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