Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday in the park: picnic table workout

Fall has fallen and the holidays are upon us.  The weather is cooling off some but not too bad here in Northern California.  I am feeling a bit under the weather but my Take 5 to Exercise fall prevention demonstration went amazingly well at Sac City College so I wanted to get my body moving.
   So I went to my favorite place, Sac State Aquatic Park, and proceeded to jump ontop of one of the picnic tables and start moving.  Kelly Says Do This....
Park Picnic table workout:
  • Bulgarian split squats/spiderman pushups (hands on bench)
  • Prisoner squats/Dynaband rows 
  • Mt climbers/X-body Mt. Climbers/Dips
  • Step ups on bench/Dynaband bicep curls
  • Bird-dog/Dynamic horse stance
Apartment tennis court and proceeded to run 5 full suicide sprints.
Dinner with friends.  
Bon appetit.

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