Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sick? Take 5 to Exercise....

Ok, ok, it's my time to whine:  "I'm sick and I have things to do! This is not convenient for me right now, enough is enough!" UGGGG.HHHHHH....
Here is the chronological progression of my cold.....
Friday:  sore throat setting in.  Took it easy, rested up.  
Saturday:  Fabulous Take 5 to Exercise Fall Risk reduction exercise demonstration at Sac City College.   Ontop of the world after networking with instructor.   Picnic bench workout then 5 full tennis court suicides.
Sunday:  Head congested.  Sneezing like crazy.  Period.  Rest, fluids and want to know where my mommy is!
Monday:  Sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Decided to stretch then wanted to sweat this out of me (some).  
Here's what my apartment workout with resistance tubing looked like:

Step ups/tubing rows
Bosu squats/bosu push ups/tubing chest press
Squat+tubing overhead press/DIPS
DB curl+plie squat/SIDE PLANKS ON BOSU
Alt DB curl/BOSU elbow to knee crunches
Dynamic Horse Stance/Bird-dog

Not feeling well enough to do cardio.  This was enough.  
 This.  Today I'm saying to Nurse it. 

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