Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Medicinal arsenal when caught with cold

Not to harp on this cold but since I never get sick, this is a wonder to me.  A wonder that is now more like a bother so pardon me for dragging this out but my immune system was weak, the viral exposure occurred and now I'm sick.  This particular bug settles into your upper respiratory tract causing mucus, sneezing, congested chest and sinus, slight fever.
2 days into it, I realize it's here to stay so I immediately used what my mentor, healthy turbulence training author Craig Ballantyne suggests, good 'ol Vitamin C.  So I started eating 500 mgs,  2-3 times a day.  I also switched from black tea to green tea because of the high antioxidant value in the green.
Because I am a 'holistic lifestyle coach', aka, "CHEK-ie", I try my best to follow Paul's wholesome approach to an organic lifestyle.   Last winter,  I started taking NAC to strengthen my immune system.  It worked great, I never got sick but I had been out.  I immediately made a trip to the local natural foods store to get more.
The natural foods clerk recommended, Umcka, an African plan used in Zulu medicine for coughs and upper respiratory ailments 
As an entrepreneur who is taking crash courses in marketing, I totally appreciate clever slogans.  So when I read on the Umcka label, "SHORTENS DURATION AND REDUCES SEVERITY",  I was sold!  Think about it, I'm the walking sick all blurry eyed and I read that type of promise?   Those marketers are brilliant!  Who doesn't want a shorter, less severe cough?
I love natural foods clerks because they know their herbs!  This lady informed me that Umcka kills the virus but I needed something to treat the symptoms.   So, I threw in some Black Elderberry tinture into the mix to treat the symptoms and by the sounds of it, I should be well yesterday!   
Unfortunately, I've had to work while sick so I couldn't get the uninterrupted rest I should have.  I also believe in sweating out the toxins so I exercised on Saturday, (lightly on) Monday and Wednesday.  Although each today felt better than Monday, I am not strong enough for cardio.  HIIT tomorrow, hopefully.
I am obviously not a doctor but this is what I am trying, holistically, to kick my cold.  

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