Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving....

Happy Thanksgiving!!!   I hope that moderation was an action and not just a concept as you sat down to overwhelming amounts of good food.  For those who indulge in "cheat days", I hope you savored each bite!   
For me, I drove out to my stepmom's ranch for a small gathering and spent sometime thinking about things that I am grateful for in my life on the way over.  In fact, Dax Moy has me considering what I want in 2009 but for now, I'm thankful for what has happened in 2008!
I am, of course, thankful for the things you expect a person to say: family and friends, but today I was especially thankful 3 things in particular.   
1.  My HEALTH!  Yes my friends, the worst is over!  I got up this morning and after an hour and a half of lazing around (it was a rainy, cold morning), I went to the apartment cardio room and did intervals. 
I felt so good, running and sweating, I totally appreciated every gasp for breath!  As I hit full stride,  I realized my body is a total machine!  I am so thankful for my discipline, desire and dedication to healthy living.  I am especially thankful for my mentor, CB, who designed the best, most effective fat burning/muscle building program available.  Muah!
I ended up doing 8 total intervals.  6 working @ 45 seconds, 8.9 mph, 6.0 incline and I felt so in tune, so fine, I did 2 more working @ 30 seconds, 9.0 mph, 6.0 incline.   :)
2.  My life!   I live in beautiful California, I have produced a Fall Risk Reduction Exercise DVD series that is going to help millions of seniors, I am returning to finish my Masters in Therapeutic Aging, I am traveling to San Antonio next week to network with the International Council of Active Aging (and enjoy the Riverwalk), I'm in great shape, I'm focused, I'm finding balance.  I'm thankful for everything I have and even the things I don't have because what I don't have I will appreciate even more when I do have them!
3.  Organic hard-boiled eggs.  Really.    I keep a dozen of these on-hand because egg whites have the closest amino acid profile to human muscle.  I eat 2-3 whites per one yolk and cannot get over the clean, fresh taste of an organic egg.  Once you go organic egg, you can't go back!  Love 'em.   Go the extra cost for organic with eggs, dairy and above ground fruit and veggies.  
Kelly Says Do This:  enjoy life, live it to the fullest and kick up some Turbulence!

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