Friday, December 5, 2008

Enjoy San Antonio

So I arrived in historic downtown San Antonio for the ICAA 2008 annual conference today after a late night of packing and an early morning flight.  In conjunction with the Athletic Business Conference and Medical Fitness Association,  the ICAA is hosting an unbelievable line-up of educational seminars and keynote speakers.  This is week is going to be nothing but an amazing experience.
Traveling solo, I connected with a Twitter-ific follower, VisitSanAntonio, for something to do on my first night on the Riverwalk.  I was immediately referred to several fine (and affordable) dining places so after an hour long stretch-N-stroll along the riverwalk, I went to Boudro's for dinner. 
Expecting cajun but wanting some Texas-raised meat, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Boudro's specializes in seafood and steak.  In that case, I'll take the BBQ ribeye loin!!!  Awesome.  Some grilled veggies on the side and I'm good.  

Oh, while in Rome, one must do as the Romans do so I indulged in a Prickley Pear.....
A pear-liquor margarita flavor suggested my waitress and new Twitter friend, Sara!  
HI SARA!  Boudro's rocks!  :)))

Dining alone in this fantastic river city was social, fun, and very tasty.  A nice long walk along the trails and my dinner is now a pleasant memory.
Back at the hotel, I checked out the 'fitness center'.  Not bad!  I have a date with myself for tomorrow morning for a fat-blasting Turbulence training session before Dr.Debra Rose (Cal State Fullerton)'s day long seminar on balance training with older adults...what's new.  
Cutting edge, research-based evidence is all I can say.  
Kelly Says Do This:  EAT MEAT.  An excellent source of protein, grass fed meats are plentiful in San Antonio restaurants.  Enjoy a scenic walk along the beautiful riverwalk before and after dinner and you have not only consumed quality protein but also increased your activity level.  

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tschaeffer said...

Kelly - Glad to have been able to connect with you, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed you trip! We hope you come back soon!

-Taylor @ SACVB