Monday, December 8, 2008

Sticking to plan while traveling

At conference this week, I've had to adapt to a 2-hour time change, sleep deprivation, long learning sessions and increased networking opportunities.  Professionally, this is a big time for me and it's fun.  But for those who have to make this type of lifestyle adjustment regularly, I have found that sticking to a workout routine requires sheer self-discipline.
Sitting for long periods of time, not drinking enough water, eating what you can when you have the time, adds up.  For some, this is a lifestyle.  I've only been here 2 days and can see the long-term challenges.   Either way, for me or the novice, taking care of yourself and sticking to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise program is your responsibility.  It's your choice.
For me, I stretched and strolled along the Riverwalk the day I arrived. 
 Check out this awesome bench along the Riverwalk.  I envisioned myself doing my Turbulence Training bodyweight PARK bench workout... spiderman push-ups, bulgarians, step ups, seated tucks... but not today, just a stroll.
I got up early Wednesday morning and hit the hotel gym for a Turbulence training workout before attending an 8-hour workshop.   I remember gym set-ups that looked like this back 
in the 80s!
Located in the dungeon of the hotel, the 'fitness center' wasn't glamorous but it had the essentials, but no shoulder stuff :(
I quickly got into my groove, sweated, got the creative juices flowing and felt great.  Laughing, I knew I'd be back down here.  The best thing:  free bottled water!  
Thursday, I got up early for a long day of seminars.  In the evening, I had a 3-hour window of opportunity before the Welcome Reception.  During that break, I registered for my first semester graduate classes before doing 30 minutes of cardio to break a sweat and release endorphins so I can maintain my positive outlook!
It worked!  I had a great time networking at the party and am looking forward to another long, productive day tomorrow.  I think I will pass on the 6:30 am ChiQuong exercises and do a hotel Turbulence Training session before heading to seminars @ 8:30.  Hey, I'm disciplined but I" m also on vacation!
Kelly Says Do This:  stick to your program.  Health and vitality is what makes you YOU.  Get into your routine and stick with it.  Peer pressure isn't worth it!

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