Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rancho Murieta TT Transformation Team

So I'm at a family function last night and being the family trainer, I hear everyone's complaints about eating too much and not exercising enough.  
See, I offered my services last New Years to help my stepmom lose some weight and get in shape.   She graciously invited several of her friends and before I knew it, a group of us had a bi-weekly training then healthy dinner thing going on.
For about 4 weeks.  Excuse after excuse and the training sessions quit.  I kept working out.  They see me, they want what I have but won't commit to a consistent exercise routine.  These are intelligent, competitive, career women who have been friends forever. 
So last night, I propose the question... why don't you enter a contest where you could win $1,000 for losing weight?  You'd be doing the same Turbulence Training workouts we did last year except more.  You can get the social support from a forum, nutrition  questions answered, how to be nicer to your trainer tips (hahaha), etc.
Being the business smart lady she is, my stepmom's ears perked up.  A thousand dollars for eating healthy, exercising, and showing Mary Ann and Kathleen up, she grinned and said she's in! 
We'll see.  I'll be taking pictures of them and encouraging them to join the contest before the end of the year.   I may lead by example.  $1,000 for eating healthy and exercising consistently.... hhhmmm, sounds good to me.
Kelly Says Do This:  Suggest it.  Recommend the TT Transformation contest.  People will go to any length to lose weight, especially when money and pride are involved.  

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