Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sweet BABY Jesus Hill!!!

OK, I found it. The Sweet BABY Jesus Hill and I want to share it with you in honor of Christmas!
Back in the fall, I told you about my Sweet Jesus Hill experience. The biggest, nastiest, meanest hill you ever think of running. The long sprint straight up. I introduced you to my hill, ran it on 3 different occasions and my personal best was up and down it 4 times.
Now that winter is upon Folsom, California, I no longer ride my road bike along the American River bike path so I no longer have the opportunity, or thought, to run the hill. I know that the Sweet Jesus Hill will be there come springtime.
Today is Tuesday, 2 days before Xmas and I got this crazy notion to go run some suicide sprints on the apartment tennis courts before my 2 o'clock training client at Intel. It's been snowing like crazy all over the country except here where we've been getting rain. It's warm and dry today so I decide to go for it outside.
I do a Gary Grey warmup then proceed to run a total of 7 sprints, a personal best. By the time I ran the 7th and final suicide sprint, my legs felt like lead, my lungs were hurting, I couldn't move. Total and absolute failure. Cool.
Walking back to my apartment I saw the hill I've been wanting to run. A baby hill really. And today it hit me, there it is: The Sweet Baby Jesus Hill! And in honor of Christmas! I walked up Baby Jesus hill and felt my calf muscles starting to scream.... OH yeah! But no sooner than I realized it, I was at the top. That's it. The true Baby Sweet Jesus Hill: steep, short and sweet. And in honor of Christmas.
Kelly Says Do This: short, intense sprints to blast that metabolism into overdrive. I felt true hunger today because I've been eating healthy and consistently doing my Turbulence Training strength building and fat loss routines. Good sign because hunger in the holiday season means I'm doing something right!!!
Here's my Tuesday, 12/23/08 Daily Gut shot.
And sexy back :)

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