Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to school...

     Got the parking permit.  Got the picture ID.  Got the available books.  Back to school I go. Back to grad school but back to the basics too.  Therapeutic Recreation, the other half of my specialized Master of Science in Therapeutic Aging.
     Focused, I am prepared to step up and follow a strict routine.  Don't get me wr0ng, I am on a routine now. My routine.  Let's just say it's a little slack.
     Next, I have to break my days and weeks into time blocks.  Schedule blocks of time:  workout time, class time, work time, study time, computer time, reading time, rest time, church time, refresh time.  I've done this before and I see the need for it again.  

Holy cow:  welcome to micro-management?  
And I'm doing this to myself?  

     I have goals.  I'm in transition.  A Turbulence Training body transformation is one of my challenges.  In order to successfully reach my goal weight, negative 10 pounds, it's all diet.  Schedule and plan.  By scheduling meal time, I will eliminate the snacking time.  I'll be packing snacks to go to school with me for health and financial reasons.  
Set a routine and follow it.  Plan ahead.  Prepare meals in advance.
      Note my workout time is #1 priority.  Now.  Studies will certainly stress me out but remaining consistent to workouts with the best high intensity, time efficient workout program ever, Turbulence Training, I plan to reach my goal weight by April 11 when I will weight 165-169 pounds.    I've lost 4 pounds since January 7.   For me, 165 would be bad-ass but hey, 169 sounds great, too.
      For me, it all comes down to diet.  So long wine.  And post workout lemon drops.  Ok, none is extreme so maybe just one day a week. 

Kelly Says Do This:   Establish a routine and stick to it.  Plan workout time.  Prepare meals in advance.  Plan for healthy snacks.  And eliminate alcohol.  Limitate.  

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