Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hills and lows...

Sunny Saturday afternoon in Northern California. Mid 60s. The Saturday before the Super Bowl. I have research do and papers to write but I wanted to get in a quick bike ride. Doing some maintenance on the bike, I noticed a broken spoke. I jumped on the bike and headed to the best bike shop around, Bicyles Plus. They hooked me up.
Jumped on the best investment in my health, my Specialized Roubaix, and headed around the lake. I knew I was going to do it when I got to the CSUS Aquatic Center. I knew it was a hill day. A perfect day to run the hills. I pedaled around, noticing the guys standing in stream fishing, and there she was... Sweet Jesus.
I walked my bike up the hill about 100 yards, laid her down, dropped my helmet and top shirt and tightened the straps on my biking cleats. Off I went. I ran to the top, then the obligatory 25 yards past to the first tree. Sweet Jesus!
Gasping for breath, I dropped and did 20 mountain climbers. Back down then ran back up the Sweet Jesus hill and then 25 yards out to the tree. Dropped down for side planks. 30 second hold, 10 hip drops, 10 second single leg hold. Both legs. Ran back down.
Third and final time, I ran back up, gasping, I had to walk one segment before running up the last leg and onward 25 yard surge. Heaving, I was totally gasping for breath, Sweet Jesus, this is what it's about. I dropped and did prone plank for 1 minute 30 seconds. Shaking, gasping, I went back down, picked up the bike and went over to the Holy Moses hill.
I ran up and down that steep, gradual climb known as Holy Moses, 3 times. Did 20 mountain climbers, 1 set of 15 horse stance and 15 birddog plus 15 second hold, each leg then cross body mountain climbers. Done. Personal best, hit both hills 3 times up and down each, with some bodyweight core work at the top.
Sunny Saturday. Now it's time to read and research before going out to a comedy club tonight with some friends from the Sacramento TALL club.
Life is great. I'm adjusting to college, getting acclimated to Therapeutic Recreation, staying consistent to intense workouts and trying to eat small, frequent, clean meals. This is a lifestyle. A consistent lifestyle.
Kelly Says Do This: enjoy outside activities.

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