Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday night date with the squat rack....

January 30th, 2009. Friday early evening and I'm headed to the gym for what is becoming a normal part of my routine: a Friday night date with the squat rack. What I intended to be a squat rack date turned out to be a 90 minute total body workout. Turbulence training style with some personal flare of my own!
I got in 3 sets of most supersets, with 10-15 reps per exercise and my routine looked like this:
Warm up set: squats/push ups/1-leg deadlifts/lat pulls/moutain climbers. Twice.
Front foot elevated split squats (20# DB)/DB chest press (40# DB)
DB RDL (20#)/1-arm DB row (40#)/DIPS
DB lat raise (12#)/ DB scaption raise (12, 10#)
Upright row (12#)/DB rear delt flye (12, 10)
Reverse woodchop (3x40/12)
Cable curl (50, 60)/Tricep rope (80#)
Finished with some core work: planks, side planks, bird-dogs, horse stance, and 15 minutes on the stairmill. Done.
Talked with a totally cool guy who is the master of deadlifts. He was lifting 315 pounds. I love talked about form and watching a person execute it successfully. Friday night fun at Fitness 19!
KellySaysDoThis: stay consistent with gym workouts. Get in total body workouts and focus on core stabilization!

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