Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Old School workouts

Some of us may remember the 'ol days:  the universal days.  The nautilus days.  Nothing fancy, no fu-fu, no frills.  Just hard core iron.  Well, apparently the owners of my apartment complex are of the "old school"  philosophy because that's all we have to work  with... <<<<
Hey, it's got what I need.  I've settled into a weekly routine and Wednesday mornings find me in at the Universal for an AM workout.  Here's the Turbulence Training style workout I did this morning, and I'm still shaking as I type this update!

  • 1-arm Cable Squat rows/Incline Chest Press  (3 sets: 60#/15 R/L, chest: 100#/10)
  • Burpees/Lat Pulldown/Cable side plank (3 sets: 10, 120#/8, 30#/45s,10updown,10s)
  • Shoulder press/incline reverse crunch (3 sets: 70#/10, 25r)
  • Cable Curl/Tricep Extension (2 sets: 50#/10, 60#/10)
  • Horsestance/Birddog
I've figured it out that it's the cable side planks that are making me shake.  They're intense, they work, I love 'em.  No intervals, I'm saving those for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Besides, I have a second workout planned later today with a client.  Light but building muscle. 
Kelly Says Do This:  Work with what you've got:  old school equipment, bands, tubing, bodyweight, whatever.... it works.  Just be consistent.   And push it.  :)

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