Thursday, February 12, 2009


Rainy weather.  Overcast Thursday.  Cool clouds.  Dark grays. 
Slept in, skipped the Thursday AM interval session.  I jinxed myself last week.  I didn't do intervals on Tuesday AM either.  Come to think of it, I haven't done any "cardio" all week.  
Intense Turbulence training style, 3 supersets per body part, totally intense weights, but no intervals.  I did do some long boring style cardio, on the Precor machine, both Sunday and Wednesday but no interval style training.
Until today.  
At first, I was heading to the apartment treadmill but I heard the tennis courts calling my name.  I responded to the call and proceeded cross yonder to the courts.  
There, I did my customary warm up: 2 sets of a bodyweight routine.  You know, the Turbulence training warm up, but I do one leg romanian deadlifts, 10 x right and left.
SUICIDE THURSDAY.  I kicked out 6 full (tennis) court intervals.  I did side planks and regular planks in between sprints.  That took me 25 minutes.  I did 90 second planks. I tried to hold until my body shaked.  Shook.  Until I dropped!   I ran a total of 6 intervals.
Then went to the stairstepper in the upper cardio gym.  15 minutes, sort of interval style.  Level 10 rest, Level 15 work.  I stretched and now, I need to roll.  Foam roll my IT bands.  I can  feel the knots.  
I''m calling this Legs Day.
Kelly SAYS do this:  Just say yes to high intensity intervals!  Get up and do some indoor tennis court suicides.  Outside, weather permitting.  

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