Monday, January 19, 2009

Settling in...

Third week of 2009. How is your transformation going? Honestly, I'm a little behind on my physical progress due to the life transformation that takes precedence over my weight or how I look. Funny but when you get a call back from the mammogram and the follow-up ultrasound indicates a large lump, the last thing that crosses your mind is your belly fat.
Larger issues come to mind: personal happiness, life satisfaction, life direction, purpose. All of a sudden, this cancer stuff is happening to you, it's a part of your life. Coping mechanisms kick in. I an happy to say that mine have changed in the past 5 years. I didn't get drunk or stoned, I didn't dive into a bowl of ice cream or a box of chocolates, I didn't jump into bed or seek solace in the arms of a stranger. I pouted, I cried, I yelled, I worked out, I slept, I drove 7 hours to Fullerton and got on with my life.
There, I had a birthday. Experienced a personal fitness training session. Observed Fall Proof Certification practical exams, ate moderately healthy, and was consistent to my workouts. Extremely consistent since Southern California is an active, health-conscious community, especially when it's 80 degrees in the middle of January!
My workouts:
  • Wednesday, Jan 14: Day off. Driving. Glute squeezes, hamstring stretches, pelvic tilts.
  • Thursday, Jan. 15: CATZ interval/circuit style partner personal training session. Then did dumbells in gym: chest press/split squats. 1-arm DB row/DB Deadlifts. MT.Climbers.
  • Friday, Jan 16: 45 minutes cardio in Student Rec Center. Stairmill . Interval style.
  • Sat. Jan 17: Excellent Turbulence Training session at Club Met-X in Costa Mesa.
. Cable squat+ row/ incline DB chest
. Bulgarian splits/Compound seated row
. DB shoulder: front 2 rear raise/1-arm DB press/scaption/rear delt flye
. Alt DB curl/Lying DB extension/DIPS
. Mt. Climbers/Horse stance/birddog/seated leg tucks/sb jacknifes
. 7 HIIT intervals on treadmill.
. Extended warm up and stretching circuit
. BARBELL circuit. This was awesome!!! 3 rounds, using 40 and 30 pound bar....
. Wide overhead BB squat(40/12, 30/12, 40/12)
. Bent over BB row (40/15, 30/15, 40/15)
. BB Deadlift (3x 30/15)
. BB Chest press (40/20, 40/20, MB push ups 8 R/L)
. BB bicep curl (3x 40/12)
. BB skull crushers (2x 40/10, 30/15)
. Burpees: 3 sets of 10
. Reverse cable woodchops (2x 40/12, 35/12)
. Back extensions (3x 10)
. 4 HIIT on Treadmill (6.0 incline, 9.0 sprint/2.8 walk)

Unfortunately, you can't work off a bad diet and I have had some dietary issues. Like the breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn Express.... don't know where that came from I had to have carbs. And I had lots of them. Or the Mother Lode cake at Claim Jumper. OMG.....
Now I'm back home, settled in, groceries are stocked but not prepared.
Kelly Says Do This: Focus this week on smaller portions. Much smaller portions and tons of water.

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