Thursday, January 15, 2009

CATZ Workout....

CATZ: Competitive Athlete Training Zone. Anaheim, California.
Trainer: Anya Tronson, CSCS.

Happy 41st Birthday to me, my friend, Fall Prevention colleague, and Christian sister, Kari, treated me to a personal training session and it was awesome. Different from my regular Turbulence Training but quite the high intensity workout nonetheless. I'm thinking I'm in shape so trying a new workout was a good fitness gauge for me and this turned out to be a challenge.

Trainer Anya came in and started us with some lite jogging patterns before proceeding onto brutal dot jumps, both legs then single leg patterns. OMG! Try those for a new workout: hourglass shape, both legs to one leg then back to both. I can't explain the pattern but let me tell you it was brutal, especially the single leg hops.

Anya trains professional volleyball players, triathletes, high school athletes, older adults, anyone who wants to get in shape. She's on-staff at CATZ and the philosophy there is one of functional training and efficient movement patterns. Think Dynamic movement.

After the "warm-up", we proceeded onto some awesome moves using dumbells, some were new, some I do in my TT workouts. I totally enjoyed the waterbuckets and golf squats but my favorite new exercise is the Cross chop, or whatever you want to call it. Sorta like a reverse woodchop but using a dumbell, over both shoulders in both directions. Unbelievable! My obvious weakspot is my obliques so this exercise killed me. I loved it.

As part of the superset, she took us over to the track area for sprints. This is where my tennis court suicide work paid off, big time! I felt great sprinting, my hamstrings fully warmed up and quite explosive this morning, the sprints felt great. Then onto some core movements that were challenging to say the least.

Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. I learned some awesome new moves that I will be incorporating into my training sessions, both personal and with clients. It was great to see where my fitness fits into function. I credit my current superior physical shape to consistent Turbulence Training workouts and kicking butt on the tennis courts, Sweet Jesus hill, Holy Moses hill and of course, the treadmill.

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The View out of my Window said...

Wow! I feel like I should have got to the conference! It looks like I missed out a lot an you had a ton of fun :)