Sunday, January 11, 2009


     As a health and fitness consultant living in mountainous Northern California, I am constantly scanning the landscape for potential hills to run.  Last year, I found the short, sweet and steep hill that left me screaming "Sweet Jesus" after scaling the rough terrain.  4 times was my personal best as I began my outside venture for high intensity cardio interval training.
     In honor of Christmas, I discovered the "Sweet BABY Jesus Hill" in my apartment complex. Not quite the cardio challange, this hill takes your breath away once and leaves your calves slightly burning but is just a baby.  A beginner hill for sure. 
    Today after serving as a greeter, then attending an amazing church service on discouragement followed by the Singles ministry service, I was ready for
 a short, intense cardio workout before meeting my stepsister for dinner.  
It was in my bike time of worship that I discovered "HOLY MOSES", a close relative to the Sweet Jesus Hill, longer in slope but definitely a challenge because HOLY MOSES requires both slow
 twitch endurance and fast twitch power fibers to make it up the steep slope to the top.  
Sunny and 60 again today, I jumped on my Roubaix and did 15
 minutes of intense interval sprints as I made my way to the hilly side of the CSUS Aquatic Center.  In review of pictures of my Sweet Jesus Hill, I had noticed another slope.  
Limited on time and ready for a fresh challenge, I took on the new hill.   As I reached the top, I moaned, "HOLY SH....SHMOSES!" as I gasped for air.  
Amazing view, great feeling.  I proceeded to run the hill my mandatory 3 times and as I was coming down the third time, I knew I had another in me.
And the fourth time was the charm.  I did it to achieve a personal best, set the standard high and well, to push myself.  Each time at the top, I did either Cross body mountain climbers, side planks or planks before heading back down.  
Kelly Says Do This:  I love a personal challenge, the weather is beautiful and I had limited time.  LOCATE AND RUN A LOCAL HILL.  Amazing metabolism blast, intense fat burning, high intensity cardio session.   Outside.  Free of charge.  Full of
Praise the Lord.

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