Saturday, January 10, 2009

First sunny Saturday in the park, 2009!

January 10, 2009: 60 sunny degrees. So nice, I pumped up the tires and jumped on the bike for an intense outdoor workout. A workout that included lots of interval sprints and a Turbulence Training fat burning/muscle building BODYWEIGHT workout on the park bench.
Here's the spontaneous workout I did:
2 sets:
Bulgarian split squats (15 each leg)/Dynaband Deadlifts (15 reps)/Squat+Dynaband Rows (10 slow/10 fast)
Mt. Climbers( 15 each leg)/Side Planks (30 sec. hold, 10 up&down, 10 hold)/Planks (1 min.25 sec)
3 sets:
Burpees + push-up (10 reps)
Dips (15 reps)
Horse Stance (15 r/l)/Bird-dog (15 r/l)/15 second hold

Sweating, I enjoyed this outdoor workout in the crisp air near the shores of the calm Lake Natomas at the CSUS Aquatic Center. I climbed back on the bike and started home. Unfortunately, I started running out of gas but I did notice an improvement in my endurance since my last bike ride (last year sometime).
Proof that my high intensity intervals and suicides on the tennis courts after my Turbulence training works is in my numbers. My resting heart rate is 42!!! I found out last week at my doctor appointment. Not bad for 40 years old!
Now in order to transform my body to a svelte 169#, it will take total diet discipline because honestly, I don't see how I can increase the workout intensity....
Kelly Says Do This: Throw your bodyweight around, play in the park, walk/sprint/walk, hold planks until you shake. And of course, stretch. Especially the hamstrings and hip flexors.

And my Daily Gut shot? Here is Wednesday, January 7, 2009 before my intense Turbulence training workout in apartment gym followed by 7 tennis court suicides.

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