Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of February POSIN"....

Ok, here I am.  Two months into 2009 and approximately 10 pounds less.  I just got done running 8 high intensity intervals on the treadmill (before 8 am) this Saturday morning.
What have I been doing to gain lean muscle mass and lose the fat?  Turbulence training, California style, resistance training and the all important high intensity intervals.
A person cannot lose weight and gain muscle without modifying her diet so without going to painful extremes, I cut out the weekly wine, cut portions, do the occasional Slim Fast shake and minimize the sugar intake.  Or at least try to time it better (Post 
workout).  And I have been drinking a ton of water.  
Nothing new since this is and has been my lifestyle for years but I have been a bit more self disciplined and I think it's paying off.  I know it is.
Kelly Says Do This:  Be consistent.  Put your head down and just do it.  Don't believe the excuses to miss a scheduled workout.  I've found that in the end, the guilt is worse than the effort.  Short, high intensity Turbulence Training workouts and HIIT.  

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