Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung in NOCAL

Today was the first day of spring and the weather in Sacramento reflected that perfectly: sunny and mid-70s. I have been very consistent with my Turbulence training workouts and interval training but it's all been indoors!  When the thermostat hits 70, it's time to get out and soak in some Vitamin D and breath some fresh air....
Today, I hit Discovery Park for a picnic bench and Dynaband bodyweight workout.  Intense but for anyone who knows me, that's par for the course.  Today's workout looked like this, with 3 sets of 10-15 each:

Bench step ups/Decline pushups/Seated leg tuck
Burpees/Dyna-rows/Plank (1 min, 1 min10sec, 1min15sec)
DynaSquats/Tubing Side Planks/DynaDeadlifts

Out of routine, out of doors, I enjoyed today's workout. The key to any program is consistency.  I am in my groove with Turbulence training on MWF, intervals on TTHSat, and a day off on Sunday.  Feels good and I'm excited about taking it outdoors now that the weather is warming up again.
Kelly Says Do This:  Stick with it, everyday.  If you see results or not, the wellness lifestyle is your ticket to a quality life tomorrow.  Do something each day and be grateful for your health because the second you lose it, you will realize how good you had it.

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