Friday, March 6, 2009

Lose more than fat on this cleanse...

    My stepmom and her posse are doing this crazy fast, no it's a "cleanse".  For 28 days, you eat nothing but fruits and vegetables, drink one protein shake a day and take a laxative pill to 'cleanse' out the toxins.  I think there's another pill that satiates your appetite but that's the program in a nutshell.  NO caffeine, no sugar, no processed foods, no dairy, no meat, no fish, nothing but fruits and vegetables.  
    Think about that for one second.  Nothing but fruits and vegetables for 28 days.  Hhmm, anyone is going to lose weight if they have the discipline to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables for 28 days.   I asked a friend who is doing the fast/cleanse and has lost 17 pounds, how many calories a day does she think she's eating.  "Not many".  Ok.  How much protein are you getting?  "Not much, just the shake.  But I'm not hungry".  Exactly.  
    I think my stepmom and her posse are messing up their bodies.  They are losing muscle which is responsible for metabolism.  By scrounging by on less than 1,000 calories of fiber per day, their bodies are becoming efficient at fat storage because their bodies are in conservation mode, burning as few calories a day to exist.
    Are they losing weight?  SURE.  Who wouldn't if  you ate nothing but fruit and vegetables.  Are they exercising?  No, they don't like to workout or "not as intense as I should be....". 
    Unfortunately, they are losing a lot more than weight.  They're losing muscle so when they return to normal eating habits, it's all going to be gained fat.  My stepmom lost 10 pounds on the fast/cleanse but gained back 3 pounds in the first 2 days.  
    I have lost 11 pounds so far but it took me over 60 days.   I didn't quit eating protein and I didn't lose muscle.  I probably gained muscle.  Will I gain back the weight?  No.  I'm not a salesperson, I'm not pushing a product.  I'm talking common sense.  Common smarts that work.  I wish the posse the best but come on, 28 days without protein? 
Kelly Says Do This:  Accept it:  Muscle is your friend.  Muscle requires protein to exist.  If a person has the self discipline to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables for 28 days, use that discipline to get into the gym consistently for 28 days and see what happens.  High intensity intervals and Turbulence training resistance training workouts work.  Accept it and just do it.

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