Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Arise and Shine cleanse update

Arise and Shine!
Almost at the halfway mark and I'm feeling pretty darn good.  I am enjoying this cleansing process and cannot believe the mental clarity that I feel.  I don't know if it's something in the herbal nutrition or the cleansing shake but I feel so alive, so free as I bust through bad habits that had crept into my day as well as the food cravings that were so common.
The first week was the "mild phase" and that is when I felt ontop of the world!  Since I already follow an organic, raw foods diet, the food transition wasn't difficult at all.  The hard part was mentally blocking caffeine, sugar and alcohol indulgences.  Three of my worst habits, not on the program but were a normal part of my daily routine in one way or the other.  Ok, so no now I'm 12 days into it and I've adapted to life without the terrible 3.  
The hardest part of this cleanse is not eating protein from my favorite protein sources:  organic eggs, yogurt, fish, meats and even protein shakes.  Coming from a muscle building perspective, I am not liking this, especially since I am a "protein type".  Or am I?  I do not have the energy I normally have but I don't know if that is due to lack of caffeine or lack of protein.  I am still doing 3 Turbulence training resistance training sessions each week but I have reduced the intensity and my cardiovascular endurance is lacking  a little bit, too.  The cleanse guidelines specifically say no strenuous exercise (due to lactic acid production) so I am doing lighter weights and higher reps.
Have I lost a ton of weight?  No, but I am not doing this for weight loss purposes, I am doing this to cleanse my intestinal tract of the mucoid plaque that has built up over a lifetime.  I have lost 3-4 pounds but my skin looks amazing and I feel my body changing and adapting.  We have over 100 feet of intestine so in order to do a thorough cleanse, a person has to follow a program like this for awhile....28 days!  
Breaking the bad habits and loving the fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are abundant in California.  2 weeks down, 2 weeks to go....2 difficult weeks!

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